Mobilize Your Work Space with Parallels RAS & Microsoft RDS!

Many organizations are discouraged from adopting an application delivery solution due to the complexity of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services (RDS). With Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS), however, RDS infrastructure is overhauled to provide the simplicity, flexibility and security that businesses need when publishing and accessing applications over a remote virtual network.

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Improve Management & Scalability with Parallels RAS
Parallels RAS improves RDS to provide and a powerful and manageable connection broker.
Installation and set up

Installing and setting up a virtual desktop and application delivery solution with Microsoft RDS is lengthy and complex. It requires systems administrators to install and configure several different servers and server roles. Parallels RAS streamlines this process and turn the configuration process into a fast and pain-free experience.

Central Management

While Microsoft RDS is divided across several different management components, Parallels RAS offers centralized console panel where changes can be made with user-friendly wizards. In contrast to RDS, Parallels RAS doesn’t require third-party solutions to achieve basic functions such as reporting and load balancing.

Client management

Microsoft RDS solution doesn’t have centralized logging or client management solutions. This makes it difficult for systems administrators to troubleshoot non-user-related problems, have complete control of the end user terminal, and what the users can access. Parallels RAS remedies this problem by offering advanced remote controls where system administrators can easily take command and troubleshoot connection and network-related issues on any end user device.

Scaling Up

To scale up Microsoft RDS infrastructure or configure load balancing and high availability features, systems administrators need to install and configure additional software components such as the Microsoft NLB and Microsoft Cluster. Parallels RAS is automatically loaded with features to help you scale up to meet your organization’s growing needs.

Parallels RAS Enhances:

1. The Process of Installing & Setting Up Your RDS Environment
2. Application Publishing and Delivery
3. End User Software Deployment
4. Virtual Desktop Publishing and VDI Solutions
5. Client Management & Helpdesk Support
6. Load Balancing, High Availability, and Scalability, Making It Look Easy
7. The Security of Your RDS Infrastructure
8. Your Microsoft® RDS Infrastructure