Deliver a Secure Mobile Workspace

IT administrators in education juggle multiple requests from many directions, balancing the mobility needs of faculty and students with an institution's often limited resources. Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) allows educational institutions to meet the challenges of modern education.

On- or off-campus learning
Faculty and students do not have to be in a classroom to learn. Parallels RAS extends access to educational resources to anywhere with an Internet connection.

Flexible workspaces
Deliver lab environments from any hypervisor or RDS, with the flexibility to return them to their original state after students complete their tests.

Educational apps on any device
Enable teachers and students to access educational resources in any format, applications as well as desktops, from any mobile device. Get Blackboard, AutoCAD, and Office 365 access on non-Windows platforms (e.g., Excel macros on Apple computers).

Centralize Education IT

Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) helps free education IT from technical complexities, so the focus remains on improving the educational process for students and teachers. Consolidating the IT infrastructure means it’s easier to secure, scale, and maintain.

Simplify multi-campus environments
Streamline management of the entire single- or multi-campus virtual infrastructure from one easy-to-use management console.

Ensure continuous availability
Deliver setup-free educational resource availability with out-of-the-box load balancing technology.

Central updates
Applications, desktops, and data are run on a central server. Teachers and students receive projections of what the application is doing on the server. This makes software updates for all users easy to accomplish from a central server.